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OUTBACK Magazine - Issue 124 - April/May 2019

OUTBACK Magazine - Issue 124 - April/May 2019



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About 17% of Australia’s land area is forested – 134 million hectares – ranging from the moss-clad rainforests of Tasmania’s wilderness, to the mist-shrouded tropical rainforests of Daintree, to the dry sclerophyll woodlands and temperate forests of southern Australia. Beneath these towering trees there is a history of forestry and foresters, of people who have made, and continue to make, their lives among the trees. There are stories in the leaves and bark of the forests – stories of struggle and survival, stories of men and women, stories of the past and the future. But divisiveness over forests – split opinions about preserving them or using them – runs deep. This major feature explores forestry in Australia today and how foresters are finding new ways of sustainably harvesting wood. How do we go about having the wood and the trees? There is something for everyone in this issue, including engaging stories with stunning photography about the devastating Queensland floods, the growing successes of farming cooperatives, travelling in the Flinders Ranges and how one bushman literally put Antarctica on the (right) map, plus our favourites of dogs, boots, pubs, dining, gardens and more.